About us

Upravna zgrada i pogoni Metaloplastika

"Metaloplastika" was founded in 1960., first as a part of power distribution company "24th September", Užice, and then within Copper, Brass & Aluminium Mills, Sevojno, to become self-sufficient company in 1991.

Since 24th February 2003., after privatization, Metaloplastika turned a shareholdingcompanz from a social-owned enterprise. The majority owner is Goran Jevremović, a businessman from Čajetina. Quality production programme, long-term experience, highly-skilled personnel, and above all enthusiasm and respect for business partners requirements are main characteristics of the firm and its management board.

Production programme is quits diversifiend, but can be classified in a few basic categories:

  • Manufacture of propane-buthane tools (soldering devices burners, boiler burners, table burners, etc...)
  • Electro-installation material, (flexibile hoses and boxes for electrical installation, terminals, start cable for cars, etc...)
  • Various co-operative arrangements for car industry and domestic appliances, (free maching of non-ferrous metals and manufacture of thermoplastic and thermodur products by injection and extrusion).

Metaplastika hala

For its own maintenance as well as for the development of tools for plastic injection, Metaloplastika owns a tool room for plastic deformation and other processes, where its development plans are implemented. The construction and design of new products are mainly the work of our experts.