Manufacture of propane-buthane tools and Electro-installation material


Metaloplastika was founded in 1960. Originally, it operated as part of the electrical distribution company 24 Septembar from Užice, then as part of the Copper and Aluminum Rolling Mill from Sevojno, and since 1991 as an independent company.

Our Products

Electrical contact elements (plugs, rivets, contact knives, MS insert, screw caps), electrical installation material (ribbed hoses, clamps), propane-butane gas tools, LPG cylinder valves for home use, parts for the automotive industry, parts for electrical industry and parts for plumbing installations (inserts, swivels, extensions, connections)

Our Story

From February 24, 2003, by carrying out the ownership transformation process, Metaloplastika became a joint-stock company with majority private capital from a social enterprise. The majority owner is Goran Jevremović, a businessman from Čajetina. Decades of experience, high-quality and diverse production program, highly educated staff, and above all honesty and respect for business partners, are the basic determinants of Metaloplastika’s business!

Production programme

Production programme is quits diversifiend, but can be classified in a few basic categories:


New investments